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The Koala is a regular Webkinz pet was released in February 2007. It has a Lil'Kinz version, isn't retired, and was Pet of the Month for December 2009. Its pet specific food is the Tasty Eucalyptus Pastries and its pet specific item is the Wacky Eucalyptus TV.


"Meet one of Webkinz World's quieter friends, the koala! Every koala appreciates a comfy bed and a cozy room, because koalas love to nap and dream of the fun they'll have with you! Even though they enjoy the easy life, koalas are always up for an adventure."


The Koala is grey in colour, with a long, black nose. They have a white chin, two white spots around their eyes and on the bottoms of their feet, with their ears being fluffy and white. They have black, long claws, small black eyebrows and black eyes. Their Magic W is located on their left foot.


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