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{{Pet Box
The '''Leopard Lizard''' [[Webkinz]] came out in April [[2008]] with out a Lil'Kinz, it didn't retire, and wasn't [[Pet of the Month]]. His special food is Cricket Croquette and special prize is a Lizard Lounge Chair.
| image = [[Image:Leopard Lizard.png]]
| pet = Leopard Lizard
| Retired = Yes
| Lil'Kinz = No
| HM Number = 198
The [[Webkinz]] '''Leopard Lizard''' came out in April [[2008]]. It doesn't have a [[Lil'Kinz]] version, it [[Retired]] in June [[2008]] and hasn't been the [[Pet of the Month]]. Its special food is [[Cricket Croquette]] and special item is the [[Lizard Lounge Chair]]. There is a [[Ganz eStore]] [[Figurines| Figurine]] the [[Stilt Walker Leopard Lizard]].
[[Category: Pets]]
Some people say that lizards are lazy - but that couldn't be further from the truth! The Leopard Lizard is one active reptile! From visiting friends to playing in the Clubhouse, this Lizard has energy to spare! When your lizard does need a little energy boost, just pick up some creamy Cricket Croquette!
Image:Preview_leopard_lizard.jpg|Leopard Lizard Plushie
leopardlizarditem.png|Lizard Lounge Chair
Leopardlizardfood.png|Cricket Croquette
Leopardlizardbox.png|Gift Box
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