Libra Eagle
Libra Eagle
Basic info
Pet: Libra Eagle
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: No
Item number

The Libra Eagle is an Estore pet. They don't have a Lil'Kinz nor is retired. Their food is the Well-Balanced Breakfast and their special item is the Balance Perch. 


The Libra Eagle has a blue head and a dark blue body. They have pink swirls on their neck and white on its eye. Their wing tips are aqua, beak is dark blue, feet dark blue, too. They have pink swirly tail feathers.


There is something special in the sky - it's the Libra Eagle! This magical and magnificent blue bird is looking for some friends to fly with and will go to any lengths to find the perfect pal. You can catch this cool Zodiac Pet perched in its Star Gazing Gallery, pecking away at its Well Balanced Breakfast.


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