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The Lil'Kinz Pig is a smaller version of the Pig that was released in November 2005. It is retired and was Pet of the Month for March 2008. Its pet specific food is the Mud Burger and its pet specific item is the Fortune Telling Pig Statue.


The Lil'Kinz Pig is a small pink animal with four legs. At the end of each leg, it has peach hooves. It has soft short pink fur all over its body. It has a curly tail and a big nose.


"This little piggy doesn't want to go to the market; this piggy just wants to come home with you! Pigs are excited to go anywhere with you, and to have some crazy adventures! Pigs also love to make new friends, and to share a mudburger or two."


  • The Lil'Kinz Pig is one of the only two Lil'Kinz pets to be Pet of the Month before their Webkinz Counterpart.
  • The Lil' Pig was the first Lil'Kinz to come out and the second to be Pet of The Month.
  • Its bigger counterpart, the normal pig, was also Pet of the Month, but in June 2010.

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