Lil'Kinz Polka Back Fish
Polka Back Fish
Basic Info
Pet: Polka Back Fish
Retired: RetiredNo
Webkinz: No
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The Lil'Kinz Polka Back Fish is a Lil'Kinz that does not have a regular-sized version. It was released in April 2009, when it was the only underwater pet released then, and was the only Lil'Kinz released then. The Lil'Kinz Polka Back Fish also has not been Pet of the Month yet. The Lil'Kinz Polka Back Fish comes with its special item Friendly Anemone Stove and its special food is Polka Dot Donut Bits.


A stunning swimmer has just drifted in! This fish has the most delicate fins. Its fine features are dappled with purples and blues...and aqua hues! Beautiful tints of color aside - this smart swimmer will fill you with pride! This pet sure loves to learn, so teach it something new every day!


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