Lil'Kinz Robin
Basic info
Pet: Lil'Kinz Robin
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: No
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The Lil'Kinz Robin does not have a large webkinz version of it so its just a Lil'Kinz. It has not been Pet of the Month yet and isn't retired. The Lil'Kinz Robin was released in March 2009 (being the only Lil'Kinz to be released that month) and is one of the birds. The Lil'Kinz Robin comes with its special item, the Bobbin' Robin Jukebox and its special food is Instant Insect Rice.


Webkinz World welcomes a brand new feathered friend to the flock! With a splash of red, this friendly flyer will definitely make things cheerful and bright! This little robin likes to keep bobbin' from game to game - so keep it busy with lots of activities!


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