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Pet: Lion
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: Yes
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The Lion Webkinz was released in April 2005 (When Webkinz was Created). It has a Lil'Kinz version, isn't retired and was pet of the month April 2010. It was featured in the video It's Good to be the King.

Its special food is a Zebra Dog and special item is the Monarch of the Beasts Throne. Also, the female lion, a Lioness was released in May 2008 (three years after the Lion). It has a Figurine, the Fraidy Cat Lion.


The lion is another Webkinz with long hairs on its back and short smooth ones on its back. It has a mane of brown fur around its yellow head. Its body is yellow all over except for its mane and its tail (which is bushy and brown at the end).



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