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The Longhorn Steer is a regular Webkinz pet that was released in February 2013. It was Pet of the Month for May 2017. Its pet specific food is the Grasslands Griddlecakes and its pet specific item is the Wild West Ranch Sign.


"No ranch would be complete without the Longhorn Steer! This gentle creature enjoys greeting guests atop their Wild West Ranch Sign! And when they are looking to go grazing for a meal, make sure you serve them up something sweet like some Grassland Griddlecakes!"


The Longhorn Steer is a dark brown color with short fluff for the top of its head and tail tip. Its belly is a slightly lighter shade of brown. The area around its muzzle and its horns are both white. The virtual pet's belly is a much lighter and yellower shade of brown than on the plush.


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