Love Spaniel
Love Spaniel
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Pet: Love Spaniel
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: No
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The Love Spaniel was released in December 2011. It is a Seasonal Pet. Its special food is the Passion Fruit Salad and its special item is the Heart Warming Tub.


True romantics will have a lot in common with the always enchanting Love Spaniel! In its spare time this passionate pooch likes to read and write poetry while taking a relaxing soak in its Heart Warming Tub. The Love Spaniel's favorite food is Passionate Fruit Salad!


The Love Spaniel has short pink fur on its back and head. It has red and purple hearts all over the short fur. The Love Spaniel has long curly fur on its legs, ears and belly. It has a short tail and big purple nose.


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