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This page is about the Regular pet. For the Virtual Only pet, see Love Kitten.

The Lovely Love Kitten is a Webkinz pet that was released in January 2014. It was exclusive to the Ganz eStore. It doesn't have a Lil'Kinz version. It was Pet of the Month in February 2017. It isn't retired. Its pet specific item is the Candy Heart Couch and its pet specific food is Rose Petal Tea.


The Lovely Love Kitten is white with pink and red hearts all over its body. It has long pink fur on its chest, belly, and tail. The insides of its ears and the bottoms of its paws are hot pink. It has blue eyes with large black pupils. Its nose is pink.


Get ready for a blast of sugary sweetness, because the Lovely Love Kitten has arrived! It's important for this adorable kitty to get their beauty rest, so of course it's essential to have their lovable Candy Heart Couch ready at all times for lots of relaxation time! And when they have friends over, be sure to have the perfect drink on hand: a fragrant cup of Rose Petal Tea!


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