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The Magical Forest is an unique place in Webkinz World which combines real-world charm collection with a virtual version similar to the Gem Hunt. Simply buy 1 Charm and the Feature Code it comes with will unlock the activity for you, along with 1 row of virtual charm to search for and collect. If you collect all 40 virtual charms you will win an awesome grand prize!

Fairy Falls Charms

Once you buy a Webkinz Charm you unlock Fairy Falls. You can play once every 6 hours for Fairy Falls, and once every 8 hours for Magic Mire. You can choose from 1 of four forests. When you click on a fairy it will drop either a: forest charm, a key, food, clothing, a pachinko seed, or Sap Glop, which means nothing.

Buying a total of 8 real-world Webkinz Charms will unlock all 8 rows of the activity, allowing you to be able to find all 40 virtual charms!

Woodland Wonders Figures

In Woodland Wonders, you can search the forest for fairies. Clicking on a fairy will give you an item, ranging from a virtual figurine, a pachinko seed, or a rare item (i.e. garden seeds, food). There is only one forest you can search, and you can play once a day as a Deluxe Member. Regular Members may play as well for a fee of 500-1000 eStore Points.

Pixie Pod Pachinko

Here you try to land the Pachinko seed in the basket to win KinzCash.

Alyssa's Star Challenge

Alyssa's Star Challenge is a daily game involving star catching, introduced in July 2008. Any person, regardless if they own charms, may play the game. The goal is to catch a star by clicking constellations in the night sky with a net. Three tries are given, and if the player catches a star, they may sell it to Alyssa or keep it in their star collection. If no star is caught, then the player recieves any of five star-themed cookies.

There are three types of stars: Astro Emblems, Glow Flakes, Sun Sparks, and each type has seven stars. Certain types of stars can be found through certain constellations:

  • Astro Emblems are found within the Charm Fairy, Chef Gazpacho, Knight of the Round, POTM Medal, Wishing Well, and Zingoz constellations.
  • Glow Flakes are found within the Knight of the Round, Plumpy Hippo, POTM Medal, and Wishing Well constellations.
  • Sun Sparks are found within the Plumpy Hippo, Wishing Well and Zingoz constellations.

If all 21 stars are collected, then they may be traded in for the Fairy High Council Throne. Alternatively, the player may keep stars and trade them with Nafaria when she pops up on screen.


Zumwhere is an area of the Magical Forest unlocked by Zumbuddy and Kinz Klip feature codes. Zumwhere has two options upon entering: Visit Zums and Zums Sighting. Visit Zums allows players to take care of their Zums and visit their Zum Rooms. Zums have a party meter that needs to be filled by interacting with and feeding them. As soon as a Zum's party meter is full, it can be clicked on to start a party. If multiple Zums have full party meters, then a larger party will occur.

Items for Zums can be purchased at the Z-Shop (formerly known as Zumthings), either using Zummies gained through playing Zums Sighting or KinzCash. The Z-Shop has five sections:

  • Furniture
  • Decorations
  • Food
  • Toys
  • Prizes

The first four provide different ways to interact with Zums and decorate Zum Rooms, but the Prizes category is full of items worth a lot of Zummies. All of these items are exclusive to Zumwhere, and can't be purchased anywhere else.

Zummies are gained through playing Zums Sighting every day. In Zums Sighting, the goal is to photograph all 48 Zums. There are three different groups of Zums that can be photographed, and clicking on a group when the camera is green takes a picture. There are three possible outcomes for the photograph: it is clear, it is blurry, or it has been frozen by a Zum. If the photo was frozen by a Zum, then the player has the option to complete a Zum challenge to see the results of the photograph. There are a few different types of Zum challenges, including Cloud Counter and Zum Puzzler. In Cloud Counter, players must click on clouds with numbers on them from smallest to largest. Zum Puzzler requires players to rotate sections of a photograph to make a picture whole again. Both games have three rounds, and as soon as the challenge is completed the clear picture will be shown.

There are 6 different groups of Zums:

  • Bratty Zums
  • Giggly Zums
  • Lazy Zums
  • Peeking Zums
  • Tricky Zums
  • Zippy Zums

There are eight Zums in each group, and once a player photographs all 8 Zums in a group they will win a prize. If a player photographs all 48 Zums, they win a Mystery Gift.


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