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The Magical Forest is an unique place in Webkinz World which combines real-world charm collection with a virtual version similar to the Gem Hunt. Simply buy 1 Charm and the Feature Code it comes with will unlock the activity for you, along with 1 row of virtual charm to search for and collect. If you collect all 40 virtual charms you will win an awesome grand prize!

Fairy Falls Charms

Once you buy a Webkinz Charm you unlock Fairy Falls. You can play once every 6 hours for Fairy Falls, and once every 8 hours for Magic Mire. You can choose from 1 of four forests. When you click on a fairy it will drop either a: forest charm, a key, food, clothing, a pachinko seed, or Sap Glop, which means nothing.

Buying a total of 8 real-world Webkinz Charms will unlock all 8 rows of the activity, allowing you to be able to find all 40 virtual charms!

Woodland Wonders Figures

In Woodland Wonders there is only one forest you can search in. You can play once a day.

Pixie Pod Pachinko

Here you try to land the Pachinko seed in the basket to win KinzCash.

Alyssa's Star Challenge

Alyssa's Star Challenge is a game in the Charm Forest that any person that has charms or not can play and win a special prize if you got all the charms. Remember, Alyssa is a good fairy, but tricks can make you miss three times and win a star cookie for that day. You can only play once a day. This game was first seen on July 10, 2008 when it was the first article in the Webkinz Newspaper telling people all about the new game. You can find more info that week in the What's New section in the Newspaper or if you look at the directions in the Charm Forest. This game is like Gem Hunting at the Curio Shop


In Zumwhere, you take pictures of Zums.

There are 6 different groups of Zums:

  • Bratty Zums
  • Giggly Zums
  • Lazy Zums
  • Peeking Zums
  • Tricky Zums
  • Zippy Zums

You also take care of your Zum Buddies.


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