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Mazin' Hamsters (also stylized as MAZIN' Hamsters) is a feature which debuted in July 2010 and was removed in September 2015. By entering the feature code of a plush or virtual Hamster, players could gain access to a 3D world in which their hamster could run though mazes in a ball. Adopting a hamster allows the player access to that hamster and its ball within Mazin' Hamsters. In October of 2010, players were also given the ability to play with Hamsters in Webkinz World like a normal pet. However, entering their code does not extend the expiration date of an account. Hamsters also do not come with adoption gifts, and they do not count toward the adoption total for receiving SuperBed gift boxes.

The Mazin' Hamsters feature was built in Unity Web Player, which must be downloaded before the game can be played. However, if the player did not have Unity Web Player installed the feature would prompt them to download it before proceeding. This reliance on the Unity Web Player is also what resulted in the removal of Mazin' Hamsters, as many browsers dropped support for the plugin in 2015. As a result, many players could not access Mazin' Hamsters, which led to its removal from Webkinz World.

Mazin' Hamsters was home to two sections: the Hamster Hamlet and the Mazes. In Hamster Hamlet, players could use their hamster to explore a 3D world and play games, which would earn Moolah that could be used in the Mazin' Mall. In the Mazes, players could run through obstacle course-like mazes using their hamsters.

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