Milk Truck
Basic Info
Item: Milk Truck
Cost: KinzCash icon N/A
Location: Adoption Gift
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The Milk Truck is the pet specific item for the Cow and Lil'Kinz. Pets can interact with this item by driving it around the room. This item can be obtained by adopting a Cow or Lil'Kinz Cow.

The only other appearances the Milk Truck gets is in Cash Cow and Cash Cow 2.


It has a red base with four black wheels that turn. There is a large back painted white with black spots to simulate the colors of a cow.


  • There is a Grey door at the back of this truck that does not not open. This door could possibly have been used to load milk into the truck (this implies that the truck once sold milk)
  • The Milk Truck makes minor appearances in Cash Cow and Cash Cow 2.
  • It is the only item that involves milk and is a vehicle at the same time.
  • The only way to get it is adopt the regular or Lil'Kinz cow, trade for it, or have someone send it to you.

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