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The Monkey Webkinz was released in May 2005. It was retired in October 2008. There is a Lil'Kinz version and hasn't been the Pet of the Month before. Its pet specific food is the Jungle Sandwich and its pet specific item is the Monkey Business Sofa. There is a Figurine featuring the Monkey, Dr. Monkey, MD.


You'll go bananas when you adopt the monkey, but don't worry, you won't be alone! That's what the monkey does if there's a Jungle Sandwich nearby, because that's what it loves to chow down on. And where does it do its chowing down? On its very own Monkey Business Sofa, of course!


The Monkey is brown and fuzzy, its belly is tan and feet and hands. Although the tan part is not fuzzy.


  • The Monkey is one of the few pets to have a Cheeky version of it.
  • Bananza is one of the monkey characters. Bananza is also a game in the arcade.
    • Bananza Tropical Troubles is the sequel to Bananza and features Bananza.
  • Monkey and Monkey is the other Monkey character. They both are monkeys, though one is a monkey dummy and one is a Monkey. They have their own show.
  • There is a monkey princess actor in the Webkinz Studio.
  • The Monkey has been seen in the portrait in the Adoption Center behind Mrs. Birdy.


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