Mr. Moo, appearing to sell his ice cream at the Kinzville Park.

Mr. Moo is a cow who can be found only in the Kinzville Park and you can pay 10 Kinzcash to get a ice cream cone for your pet. He appears at the Kinzville Park a couple times a day selling his ice cream. Each time he comes, Mr. Moo stays for an hour. There are 6 ice cream flavors to collect: Spicy Squash, Chili Chocolate, Melty Mango, Sour Shrimp, Perfect Pear, and Candy Cream. You may get one ice cream cone each time he visits. After you buy and ice cream cone from him and try to talk to him again, he will say either "Sorry, I just sold my last one" or "Sorry...I'm all out. You Webkinz sure like your icecream." You then have to wait until the next time he comes to the Kinzville Park.

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