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Ms. Birdy is the owner of the Adoption Center and the first character introduced to players in Webkinz World. She helps players adopt pets, assisting them with gathering information and granting them a Certificate of Adoption. Besides running the Adoption Center, Ms. Birdy takes part in Christmas events, most notably being a gift-giver at the Clubhouse. 

She is able to be added to the Friend List on the cell phone.


"Ms. Emily Birdy is one kind penguin –she’s in charge of making sure every single Webkinz is adopted into a good home. Ms. Birdy never rests! She has been romantically linked with Dr. Quack…although she won't admit or deny it. Her hobbies include knitting, sewing and reading books about the history of Webkinz World."

Roles in Webkinz World

Adoption Center

Ms. Birdy runs the Adoption Center, helping users with their newly adopted pets. Her appearance has changed on multiple occasions, with her stature going from 2D to 3D.


Trading Cards



  • Ms. Birdy was the first character to be created for Webkinz.
  • She is one of few Webkinz characters to "own" a Facebook account.