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Ms. Cowoline is a very well-known cow in Webkinz World. Her most well known position is as the principal of the Kinzville Academy. At the Academy, she gives you an introduction to the academy and then gives you a well-organized report card for your pet. You pick a class from that report card and she will explain how to do that class and then send you there. Once you have completed your class, she will congratulate you and tell you how many classes you have left for the day. Once you have completed three classes in one day, she will tell you that you are out of classes.


Ms. Cowoline appears in the W-Tale Alex the Brave. In this story, she meets them outside the school and tells them that they are late and takes them to their class, Creativity. When Alex runs away from class, she catches him and returns him there where she sorts everything out with Miss Daisy. When the pets are sent to her office, she tells them she has a plan. The next day, she has figured out 3 games that the pets are good at, Capture the Flag, Trivia and the Name Game.


Ms. Cowoline is obviously a very caring teacher, she does not let your pet do anything wrong. She is organized as she always has your report card ready and can give you any information you want. As teacher of the Kinzville Academy, she is very skilled at many things and can easily teach your pet. She has an odd tendency to stress her oos, making her sound like she's mooing, this may be because she is a cow or it may be her little joke. In the W-Tales, it is shown that she is a very strict teacher so that the pets will learn more. Another hint to her intelligence is when she manages to make Alex and April cheer up.


  • Ms. Cowoline is one of the two webkinz characters featured with glasses (the other is Plumpy Hippo).
  • She has a daughter named Cowabelle, who is a member of the 'Kinz group.
  • Ms. Cowoline ran for mayor of Kinzville, along with Daisy Doe, Tabby von Meow, Dex Dangeous, Cowabelle Cowaline, and Sheldon Turtle.