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This page is about the 2018 Regular pet. For the 2011 Virtual Only pet see Narwhal.

The Narwhal is a Webkinz pet that was released in December 2018. It doesn't have a Lil'Kinz version. It was Pet of the Month in December 2020. It isn't retired. Its pet specific item is the Narwhal Ice Sculpture and its pet specific food is Flatfish Fritters.


The Narwhal is blue with darker blue spots on its back. Its horn is white. Its eyes are black. Its belly is a lighter blue than the rest of its body.


"If you’ve been waiting for a truly unique creature to make a splash in your family of Webkinz pets, then the Narwhal will do nicely! This happily-horned underwater friend is pretty special, which is why they’ve been commemorated in a cool way–with their very own Narwhal Ice Sculpture! If you’re wondering what to do for them when they’re feeling starved, serve some Flatfish Fritters–it’s a snack they’re sure to snatch up!"


- This pet was the last regular Webkinz plush pet to be released.

- After this pet, GANZ took a break from making Webkinz plush pets until Webkinz Next came out.

- According to the executive creative director of GANZ, Karl Borst, this pet is the rarest Webkinz plush.[1]


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