Neon Winged Zebra
Neon Winged Zebra
Basic info
Pet: Neon Winged Zebra
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: No
Item number
HM 9092

The Neon Winged Zebra is a virtual only Webkinz pet that doesn't have a Lil'Kinz, isn't retired, and hasn't been Pet of the Month.

It's PSI is I Love Webkinz Sign and it's PSF is Frosted Candy Flowers.


Go electric with the spirited Neon Winged Zebra! This rockin' pet loves hanging out with friends so much that they have their own special I Love Webkinz Sign to show off their dedication! And when they want to relax and talk about the latest happenings with their best pals, they love to snack on some luminous Frosted Candy Flowers!


The Neon Winged Zebra is bright yellow with black stripes, eyes, nose, hooves, mane and tail. The edges of its wings are black, too.



  • The Neon Winged Zebra is the 6th zebra in Webkinz World. The other 6 were the Zebra, Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra, Rainbow Zebra, Pink Zebra, Rockerz Zebra and the upcoming Zig Zag Zebra.
  • It is also the first zebra to have wings.
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