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The Panda Webkinz pet was released in September 2006. It was Pet of the Month for May 2008. It has a Lil'Kinz version and is retired. Its pet specific food is the Bamboo Canelloni and its pet specific item is the Ming Vase Panda Fridge. It was the Caring Valley pet for April 2009.


"What's black and white and fuzzy all over? Why, it's this perfect panda, that's what! Pandas are known for their laid-back attitude and gentle nature. Pandas enjoy a well-designed room with lots of comfy places to sit - and a well-stocked fridge of Bamboo Pandaloni!"


The Panda has short black fur on its ears, legs and around its eyes. It has short white fur on its head, back and belly. It has black nose and black eyes.



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