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The Patchy Puppy is a limited Webkinz pet that was released in December 2011. It doesn't have a Lil'Kinz version. It was Pet of the Month in November 2013. It is retired. Its pet specific item is the Backyard Bubble Maker and its pet specific food is Twisted Fruit Slushy.


The Patchy Puppy has orange fur. It has bright blue spots on its body and one blue ear. It also has multicolored striped spots on its body and its other ear. It has a striped spot around one of its eyes. It has black eyes and a pink nose. Two of its paws are blue on the bottom, and the other two paws are striped on the bottom. Its tail is blue.


Whether the Patchy Puppy is bouncing after shimmering bubbles from its Backyard Bubble Maker or lapping up its favorite treat, the cool and colorful Twisted Fruit Slushy, this multi-hued hound is sure to brighten up your life!


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