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Pet: Pegasus
Retired: RetiredYes
Lil'Kinz: No
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The Pegasus was released in April 2006. It was retired on February 2007, wasn't Pet of the Month and ther is no Lil'Kinz version. Its special food is Rainbow Souffle and its special item is a Rainbow Cloud Couch.


The Pegasus has short, light pink fur on its body. It has medium-long white fur on its tail and mane. It has light purple glittery wings and hooves.


Flying down from clouds high above, Pegasus has finally arrived in Webkinz World. With glimmering wings, a shiny pink mane, and a magic all its own, Pegasus is looking for a good friend to play with and a beautiful place to call home.


  • The Pegasus was one of the first pets to be retired. It was retired in winter 2007, along with the Gold and White Cat.
  • The Pegasus has been seen in bags and other bag-related things.
  • The Pegasus, as of 2009, is rare to see in Webkinz World (since there are no characters or things related to one).


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