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Pet of the Month (POTM), introduced on August 29th, 2007, is a monthly program in which a Webkinz is chosen to be specially featured for a month.

If you adopt a pet within the month they are featured, you are gifted special POTM extras. If you already own a pet before it's POTM, you can not earn those extras, but could can still participated in POTM activities in Today's Activities.

Pet of the Month songs and music videos began to be produced starting with the Alley Cat, who was POTM in April 2009.


Activities, Announcements

Announcements can be spotted in the Newspaper if it gets retired, next month's Pet of the Month, and this month's Pet of the Month. Not every day includes a Pet of the Month activity. Every first weekend gives you a bonus 100 KinzCash if you have Pet of the Month and go to Daily Activities. The Pet of the Month can have a Quick Draw for pet of the month items, can do bonus Hourly Events, and you can get free special food depending on the Pet of the Month. If you have a Pet of the Month, it will sometimes say Lil'Kinz Pig Owners Only: Spin the Wheel of the Month or Big Kinz Cheeky Monkey Owners Only: Spin the Wheel of Wishes! Those two events can be played more often than other users in the month! 

Loot Bag and Prizes

Adopting a Pet of the Month awards a player with a special Pet of the Month item, a Secret Recipe food, a Wish Token, and a W Shop Coupon. Users who adopt a Pet of the Month with a song also receive a download of its song.

Glitches, Issues

There were also some glitches about the Pet of the Month. When the Pet of the Month begun Ganz had many problems so they gave the people who adopted the Pet of the Month for that month (Big Kinz Frog) would've got an extra 2000 KinzCash because of it. On April 1, 2008 there was a glitch that the Lil'Kinz Cocker Spaniel was the Pet of the Month for May 2008 but after all it was uploaded later in the week and it said that it was the Big Kinz Panda. Also in early April 2008, people who adopted the Pet of the Month while that time (Big Kinz Pink Poodle) was missing their Pet of the Month Item. Apparently in mid-April 2008, the Carnival Strength Tester came out and the people who were missing their Pet of the Month Items would've got it.


  • The Elephant, which was POTM in June 2008, has been the only pet to ever retire during the month it was Pet of the Month. It retired June 11th, 2008.

The Pets of the Month

Note: Pets up until April 2009 do not have a Pet of the Month song. Pets past December 2011 are not given Pet of the Month Songs.


Image Pet Month
Frog.png Frog October
Black Bear.png Black Bear November
Chihuahua.png Chihuahua December


Picture Pet Month
Golden Retriever.png Lil'Kinz Golden Retriever January
Cow.png Cow February
Pig transparent.png Lil'Kinz Pig March
Pink Poodle.png Pink Poodle April
Panda.png Panda May
Elephant.png Elephant June
Cheeky Monkey.png Cheeky Monkey July
Clydesdale.png Clydesdale August
Bull Frog.png Bullfrog September
Pug happy.png Pug October
Hippo.png Hippo November
Polar Bear happy.png Polar Bear December


Picture Pet Month Song
Bulldog .png Bull Dog January N/A
Googles transp..png Googles February N/A
Yorkie.png Yorkie March N/A
Alley.png Alley Cat April Where Did You Get Those Stripes?
Cocker span.png Cocker Spaniel May The Dog on the Front of the Tag
Pink pony.png Pink Pony June The Prettiest Pink Pony in Town
Spotted frog.png Spotted Frog July I Love Being a Spotted Frog
Grey arab.png Grey Arabian August I Wanna Run
Leopard transparent.png Leopard September I Gotta Lotta Soft Spots For You
Golden Retriever.png Golden Retriever October Cats & Dogs - Why Do We Always Fight?
Pug happy.png Pug November Hug A Pug
Koala transparent.png Koala December Koala Holiday


Picture Pet Month Song
Schnauzer transparent.png Schnauzer January Mustache Louie
White terrier.png White Terrier February A Dog with a Bow in Her Hair
Himalayan transparent.png Himalayan March Cat's Pajama Party
Lion trans.png Lion April It's Good to be the King
Skunk 2.png Skunk May Misunderstood
Pig transparent.png Pig June Piggy Plum Pie
Bengaltiger.png Bengal Tiger July Tiger Tiger
Pink googles.png Pink Googles August Go Go Go Googles
Persiancat.png Persian Cat September Nine Lives
Pink Poodle.png Pink Poodle October I Dream in Pink
Jack russell.png Jack Russell November Just Wanna Be Your Friend
Polar Bear happy.png Polar Bear December Iceman Blues


Note: 2011 was the final year to feature songs for Pet of the Month.

Picture Pet Month Song
Silverback gorilla.png Silverback Gorilla January Do You Want To Party
Blufadoodle 2.png Blufadoodle February Stay Away From Me
Caterpillar 2.png Caterpillar March It's A Wonderful World
Caramel Lion 2.png Caramel Lion April Caramel Soup
Grey owl.png Grey Owl May Let's Make The World A Better Place
Silversoftcat.png Silversoft Cat June Miss Kitty
Clownfish.png Clown Fish July I Like to Clown Around
Rooster 2.png Rooster August It's A Beautiful Day
Pelican2.png Pelican September Let's Go Fishin'
Black cat2.png Black Cat October Scaredy Cat
Walrus 2.png Walrus November The Coolest Thing is Everything
Reindeer2.png Reindeer December My Favorite Time of Year


Picture Pet Month
Greylangur.png Grey Langur January
Pom pom kitty.png Pom Pom Kitty February
Duck .png Duck March
Hedgehog2008.png Hedgehog April
Wombat 2.png Wombat May
Okapi .png Okapi June
Pucker fish.png Pucker Fish July
Barred owl.png Barred Owl August
Glamorous gorilla.png Glamorous Gorilla September
Midnight monster.png Midnight Monster October
Red squirrel.png Red Squirrel November
Moose 2.png Moose December


Picture Pet Month
Aardvark 2.png Aardvark January
Springbok 2.png Springbok February
Bull terrier.png Bull Terrier March
Fleecy sheep.png Fleecy Sheep April
Majestic tiger.png Majestic Tiger May
Cuddly koala 2.png Cuddly Koala June
Tree kangaroo 2.png Tree Kangaroo July
Blossom sea turtle.png Blossom Sea Turtle August
Charming panda 2.png Charming Panda September
Black wolf.png Black Wolf October
Patchy puppy.png Patchy Puppy November
Snow yeti.png Snow Yeti December


Picture Pet Month
Arctic polar bear 2.png Arctic Polar Bear January
Pink punch cheeky dog.png Pink Punch Cheeky Dog February
Bichon frise 2.png Bichon Frise March
Butterscotch terrier.png Butterscotch Retriever April
Lilac guinea pig.png Lilac Guinea Pig May
Curly camel 2.png Curly Camel June
Holstein cow.png Holstein Cow July
Sloth 2.png Sloth August
Airedale terrier.png Airedale Terrier September
Rockabilly rooster.png Rockabilly Rooster October
Sifaka lemur.png Sifaka Lemur November
Sparkle harp seal.png Sparkle Harp Seal December


Picture Pet Month
Fennec.png Fennec Fox January
Sassyskunk.png Sassy Skunk February
Poofypoodle.png Poofy Poodle March
Sterlingcheekycat.png Sterling Cheeky Cat April
SpringyKangaroo.png Springy Kangaroo May
Billygoat.png Billy Goat June
Mohawkpuppy.png Mohawk Puppy July
Tuxedocat.png Tuxedo Cat August
Tiedyedpony.png Tie Dyed Pony September
Labradoodle 2.png Labradoodle October
DarlingDino.png Darling Dino November
Pinkdalmatian.png Pink Dalmatian December


Picture Pet Month
Rockerzlion.png Rockerz Lion January
Porcupine2.png Porcupine February
Pirate parrot.png Pirate Parrot March
Knitsockmonkey.png Knit Sock Monkey April
Cheerpup.png Cheer Pup May
Raccutie.png Raccutie June
Donkeypinata.png Donkey Pinata July
Blossomgiraffe.png Blossom Giraffe August
Rockerzcow.png Rockerz Cow September
Black panther.png Black Panther October
Bulldogpuppy.png Bulldog Puppy November
Americangermanshepard.png American German Shepherd December


Picture Pet Month
Zigzagzebra.png Zig Zag Zebra January
Lovelylovekitten.png Lovely Love Kitten February
Alpinestbernard.png Alpine St. Bernard March
Carrotsbunny.png Carrots Bunny April
Longhornsteer.png Longhorn Steer May
Berrycheekymonkey.png Berry Cheeky Monkey June
Camo Croc.png Camo Croc July
Curlylion.png Curly Lion August
Pugglepuppy.png Puggle Puppy September
Orangesodapup.png Orange Soda Pup October
Satchedach.png Stache Dach November
Snowsoftkitty.png Snow Soft Kitty December


Picture Pet Month
Eskimodog.png Eskimodog January
Africanchimpanzee.png African Chimpanzee February
Bluebaydolphin.png Blue Bay Dolphin March
Howdy Horse.png Howdy Horse April
Fleecy sheep.png Fleecy Sheep May
Scribblespup.png Scribbles Pup June
Shibainu.png Shiba Inu July
Cuddlecat.png Cuddle Cat August
Chocolate Milk Cow.png Chocolate Milk Cow September
Sweet Spice Cat.png Sweet Spice Cat October
Snow Cap Ferret 2.png Snow Cap Ferret November
Frostyfawn.png Frosty Fawn December


Picture Pet Month
Lovegiraffe.png Love Giraffe January
Lovestruckpanda.png Lovestruck Panda February
Sparklepenguin.png Sparkle Penguin March
Leopardcub.png Leopard Cub April
Whitelion.png Whitelion May
Pitbullpuppy.png Pitbull Puppy June
Ribbonunicorn.png Ribbon Unicorn July
Corgidog.png Corgi Dog August
Prettyelephant.png Pretty Elephant September
Patchworkcat.png Patchwork Cat October
Blackandwhitespringer.png Black and White Springer November
Ragdollcat.png Ragdoll Cat December


Picture Pet Month
Twotonedllama.png Two Tone Llama January
Sherbetbunny.png Sherbet Bunny February
Butterscotchbunny.png Butterscotch Bunny March
Ostrich.png Ostrich April
Blackandwhitefriesian.png Black and White Friesian May
Huskypup.png Husky Pup June
Pebblehorse.png Pebble Horse July
2018sheepdog.png Sheepdog August
Englishcreamretriever.png English Cream Retriever September
Britishbulldog.png British Bulldog October
Pinkribbonunicorn.png Pink Ribbon Unicorn November
Narwhal.png Narwhal December


Picture Pet Month
Chillaxin penguin 11.png Chillaxin Penguin January
Love dino.png Love Dino February
Longhairedyorkieavatar.png Long Haired Yorkie March
Globalpandaavatar.png Global Panda April
Kingschnauzer.png King Schnauzer May
Spottedseamonster.png Spotted Sea Monster June
Bassethound new.png Basset Hound July
2017Hedgehog.png Hedgehog August
Scruffypuppy.png Scruffy Puppy September
Rascallyraccoon.png Rascally Raccoon October
Cockapooavatar.png Cockapoo November
2017Beaveravatar.png Beaver December


Picture Pet Month
Bullmastiffpuppyavatar.png Bullmastiff Puppy January
Chipmunk 2017.png Chipmunk February
Pretty kitty.png Pretty Kitty March
Colorblock Monkey.png Colorblock Monkey April
TBA June
TBA July
TBA August
TBA September
TBA October
TBA November
TBA December