Pets that begin with the letter D

Daisy Tortoise

Daisy Tortoise - Every time you look at the Daisy Tortoise, you're sure to smile! This adorable tortoise has gentle eyes, rosy cheeks, and jellybean colored paws - talk about sweet and stylish. To make your tortoise extra happy, be sure to pick up a Delicious Daisy Danish for a scrumptious snack!


Dalmatian - Dalmatians are hard-working dogs- it is their mission in life to make you smile! This pup loves to have friends over to visit their room; Dalmatians are always the life of the party! Want to know how to make your Dalmatian grin from ear to ear? Pick up some tasty five alarm chili from the W Shop!


Dachshund - Dachshunds are excitable, interesting, intelligent little dogs who simply love being with friends. Dachshunds are quick and really enjoy using their skills at the Kinzville Academy. After a long day, let your Dachshund wind down with a jog on their Dashin' Dachshund Treadmill!


Deer - The Deer is one sweet, gentle friend. When you're having a bad day, the Deer will fill you full of cheer! Deer like to visit the Clubhouse, watch TV, and take a class or two at the Kinzville Academy. Be sure to feed your Deer lots of Buck Potluck to keep it happy and healthy!

Domino Cat

Domino Cat - It may be black and white on the outside, but this darling Domino Cat is one colorful character on the inside. Friendly and fun, this feline is fantastic! You'll never be lonely with the Domino Cat around - it's quite simply the perfect pal!


Duck - If you’re looking for a funny, friendly, feathery pal, then you should meet the duck! This delightful duck loves to ‘quack up’ with a good joke or story and enjoys being a bit of a jester. Want to put a BIG smile on your duck’s beak? Just pick up a delicious snack of tasty cheese and quackers!

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