Pets that begin with the letter E


Eagle - Eagles are known for their bravery, strength and bold attitude. Eagles are leaders and they like to help their friends. If you want a pet that will never let you down, be sure to adopt the enigmatic Eagle!


Elephant - Elephants are big and so is their love for you! Elephants like to learn new things, but they also know how to have a good time! Elephants are great at playing games! If you ever want to make your elephant super-happy, pick up some Tender Leaf Cookies!

Emerald Lab

Emerald Lab - This bejeweled buddy is one of the gentlest and kindest pets around - after all, that's what birthstone pets are known for. With a glistening jewel on its back, the exquisite Emerald Lab is definitely stunning to look at! If you were born in May, then this precious pup will be a perfect match for you! Make any day special by treating it to some Emerald Éclairs!

Emperor Dragon

Emperor Dragon - The Emperor Dragon may be one of the bravest and wisest pets around, but their caring nature will make YOU feel like royalty! After a long day in Kinzville, this dragon likes nothing more than spreading their wings out in front of a Timeless Treasure Television.

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