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Pets that begin with the letter F

Fantail Goldfish.jpg

Fantail Goldfish - With a beautiful, flowing tail and brightly colored scales, the Fantail Fish is truly a sight to behold! Everyone in Webkinz World is sure to take notice of this fabulous fish; their personalities are as beautiful as they are!

Fire Fawn.jpg

Fire Fawn - Feisty, fiery, and full of energy - that's the Fire Fawn, in a nutshell. The Fire Fawn is daring and willing to go on any adventure, no matter where it might take them. Fire Fawns love to be busy, and they'll follow a good friend anywhere. For a bold, brave buddy, look no further than the Fire Fawn!

Floppy Pig.jpg

Floppy Pig - This sweet little Floppy Pig is the perfect addition to any Webkinz family. Floppy Pigs are gentle, caring, and very, very smart. To make your Floppy Pig smile, pick up a pile of Mud Pie Flapjacks!

Floral Fox.jpg

Floral Fox - The Floral Fox is often found frequenting fields and meadows, among the blossoms that it loves so dearly. Pretty daisies dot the back and head of this floral friend and look and smell simply sensational! If you're looking for a unique and fabulous friend, the Floral Fox is fantastic!


Fox - This fantastic friend is known as one of the sharpest pets around! You can reward the Fox's smart moves by satisfying its extreme sweet tooth! This cunning, cuddly critter will appreciate any sweet treat, but most of all it loves digging into some Squirm-Berry Ice Cream!


Frog - Our first amphibian, this little frog may be cold blooded, but we're sure you're going to warm right up to it. We have it on good authority these frogs are ready to leave the wet life of a pond for the dry confines of a custom designed room.