Pets that begin with the letter H


Hedgehog - Although the Hedgehog may look a little spiky, you'd have a hard time finding a cuddlier friend! The Hedgehog is a fun and fantastic pal who loves to play games, explore Webkinz World, and visit all their favorite buddies. If you're looking for a new friend, look no further than the happy Hedgehog!


Himalayan Cat - This fuzzy kitty is known for being kind, intelligent and very sociable. Himalayans are puffy, fluffy and full of energy. Take one look into those deep blue eyes and you’re guaranteed to see a true friend looking back. Make everyday in Webkinz World more wonderful with a Himalayan!


Hippo - Hippos have big hearts, and lots of love to give! They enjoy munching on Stubbly Grass Nibbles, and they really love to discover new things in Webkinz World! Most of all, Hippos like to play - especially with a great friend like you!


Horse - Make way for the horse! This pony has galloped its way into Webkinz World and is sure to run away with your heart. Horses aren’t just fast; they’re also a ton of fun. A perfect day for this pony? Eating apples, playing games and horsing around with you, of course!


Hummingbird - Tiny and bright and full of energy, Hummingbirds are happy to make their home in Webkinz World! Watch this jewel-toned bird fly from place to place, brightening the day of everyone they meet! To brighten your Hummingbird's day, pick up some Honeysuckle Sticky Buns!


Husky - This big dog is a faithful friend, willing to do what it takes to make sure you have an amazing time in Webkinz World! Not only is the Husky friendly and strong, but this proud pooch is also full of energy. If you love to play, the Husky is the pal you’ve been looking for!

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