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Pets that begin with the letter K


Kangaroo - Have you met this marvelous marsupial? If not, hop to it! The Kangaroo is a bubbly, bouncy friend who loves meeting new Webkinz and belonging to a big family. Kangaroos simply adore dressing up to look their best and they LOVE challenging friends to a game or two. There’s no doubt about it – the Kangaroo’s the pet for you!


Koala - Meet one of Webkinz World's quieter friends, the koala! Every koala appreciates a comfy bed and a cozy room, because koalas love to nap and dream of the fun they'll have with you! Even though they enjoy the easy life, koalas are always up for an adventure.

Key Lime Dino.jpg

Key Lime Dino - The Key Lime Dino is one peppy and playful prehistoric pal! This delightful dinosaur is always curious and loves exploring every corner of Webkinz World. Make sure to take your Mesozoic pet to the Arcade for some dino-sized fun!

Signature King Charles Cocker Spaniel.jpg

Signature King Charles Cocker Spaniel - All hail the king! The Signature King Charles Cocker Spaniel is a noble friend who enjoys looking over their kingdom from their Palatial Platform. And when it comes to supper time, nothing is more sumptuous than their regal Royal Feast!

Signature Koala.jpg

Signature Koala - Have you ever seen a pet as adorable as the Webkinz Signature Koala? Now you can adopt your very own Koala and watch it play on its amazing Outback Elevator! After playtime, join the Koala and its friends for a cup of Exquisite EucalypTea!

King Charles Spaniel.jpg

King Charles Spaniel - All hail the King Charles Spaniel! This royal ruffian likes to gaze out at its majestic kingdom through its Turret Tower Window and hold regal parties for loyal subjects. What's on the menu? Noble Nachos, of course!