Rabbit - With its snowy white fur, this little bunny is ready to hippity hop right into your heart! It’s easy to guess what this Webkinz likes most of all, jumping on a trampoline and hanging out in a carrot patch.


Raccoon - There’s no pet quite as mischievous as the rascally Raccoon! Want to make this trickster giggle? Turn on the Monkey and Monkey Show! While Raccoons LOVE to play a few pranks, they’re also really awesome friends. You’ll always have loads of fun with this joker around!


Reindeer - While they may not have Rudolph’s red nose, these Reindeer are every bit as special. Reindeer are gentle, kind friends and would do very well in a big family with lots of other Webkinz. Want to delight your dearest deer? Just pick up a pot of Spiky Sedge Soup!


Rhino - There’s nothing quite as fine as a Rhino! This terrific pet is strong, brave, and loves to hang out with good friends. Rhinos also like a bit of competition, so be sure to take your Rhino to the Tournament Arena and take on some opponents!

Ring Tailed Lemur

Ring Tailed Lemur - The great outdoors is where you'll find this exotic friend! The Ring Tailed Lemur loves to soak in the sun. Whether it's leaping on its trampoline or caring for crops - this lively Lemur sure loves living outside! This bubbly buddy will impress you with its bright personality for sure!


Rooster - This early bird likes to rise at the crack of dawn and get a head start on its busy day! The Rooster always knows where to be and when to be there! This feathered friend is definitely good at keeping track of all the activities and events in Webkinz World - with just a little help from its On the Farm Alarm Clock!


Rottweiler - You'll love this cool pooch so much you're guaranteed to spoil this Rottie rotten! The brave Rottweiler is a guard dog by nature, so this pup is observant and smart. What do Rottweilers do to wind down? Play some pool on their Cool Pooch Pool Table!

Ruby Retriever

Ruby Retriever - This stunning red pup is none other than the Ruby Retriever! Bejeweled, bold and bright - that's this Birthstone Pet in a nutshell! You haven't met a more confident canine than this one, it can charm just about anyone! One thing that gets it really excited is a decadent Red Ruby Sundae! If you were born in July you'll definitely share a special bond with this pet!

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