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The Pig is a regular Webkinz pet that was introduced in May 2005. It was the Pet of the Month for June 2010 and was featured in the video Piggy Plum Pie. Its pet specific food is the Mud Burger and its pet specific item is the Fortune Telling Pig Statue.

Many real-world items include Pigs on them, including Mouse Pads, Trading Cards, Charms, and screen savers.

This pet was retired. There's a Kinz Klip version of the pet.


The Pig features a typical sleek body with pink skin and a curly tail. It's hooves, snout, and inner ears are peach-colored. The virtual avatar shows hair all over its head, similar to the appearance and texture to its plush counterpart. It's eyes are black dots and two long nostrils are on its nose.


"This little piggy doesn’t want to go to the market; this piggy just wants to come home with you! Pigs are excited to go anywhere with you, and to have some crazy adventures! Pigs also love to make new friends, and to share a mudburger or two."

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  • The Pig was also the first Webkinz to be in the in-game Webkinz Catalog.
  • The Pig was the mascot of the 2008 Webkinz Extravaganza. They could be seen flying in Propeller Planes for the weekend, and if you clicked on one, Jellybeans would be rewarded.
  • There are several characters who are Pigs: Chef Gazpacho, Momma Gazpacho, Pinky the Pig and Wiggles.
  • The Pig has been seen in four different advertisements, a number that is shared with the number of Pig characters (view in gallery).
    • This excludes the Lil'Kinz Pig ads. There are Pet of the Month Ads for it.
  • The Pig is seen the Pet of the Month item "Playful Picture".
  • When the Pig is sick, it uses a blue ice pack and was the first pet to do so.
  • There is a Figurine version called the Roller Pig.