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The Pink Pony Webkinz pet doesn't have a Lil'Kinz version, isn't retired, and was Pet of the Month in June 2009. Its special song is The Prettiest Pink Pony in Town. Its special food is Rosy Alfalfa Alfredo and pet specific item is a Beautiful Blushing Treadmill.

In the Prettiest Pink Pony in Town video

The Pink Pony enters beauty pageants in the Webkinz Stadium and most people think it will win the crown.

There was a Pink Pony Costume sale in the Curio Shop before (not seen in Webkinz World) and everybody got them. They were sold out very fast. All Webkinz wish to be the Pink Pony, even if it is only for a while.

The Pink Pony has been seen in magazines called Art Weekly, Kinz Sports and Cooking with the Webkinz, since the species does art, sports and cooking (as seen in the music video). The magazines aren't interactive in Webkinz World but are seen in the beginning of the music video.

The Pink Pony enters beauty pageants.

Pet Description

It would be practically impossible to find a prettier pet than the pink pony! This perfect pet is a vision in pink from head to hoof. From her glimmering hooves to her flowing mane, this pony is guaranteed to dazzle. Adopt a pink pony and enjoy days filled with fantastic friendship and fun!


The Pink Pony is a pony that is, as the name suggests, pink. The Pink Pony was possibly the first pet to have sparkles that are pink. In this case, the Pink Pony has them on its feet. The Whimsy Dragon has something related to this, as its chest is sparkly.


  • The Pink Pony appeared in the song The Prettiest Pink Pony in Town. That is the third Pet of the Month song.
  • There are no Pink Pony characters in Webkinz World.
  • The Pink Pony might be related to the Pegasus. They have similar format.
  • The Pink Pony is the only Webkinz with a format nearly identical to the Horse, Pegasus, and Unicorn online that is not retired and has a plush form.
  • The Pink Pony is the only Webkinz with the format like the Horse, Pegasus, and Unicorn to be Pet of the Month.


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