Pinky Pig is in the Arcade games Hungry Hog and Pinky's Big Adventure. In Pinky's Big Adventure, she wore a white helmet with a red stripe. In the games she is trying to get the food because she is hungry but there are bees on the course trying to slow her down, if she touches a bee, she flies back to start.


She loves food as seen in her Arcade games and hates vegetables as in the game Pinky loses points for eating vegetables. She appears to bloat fast as whenever she eats three items of Junk Food, she gets fat and slow. Pinky appears to have Apiphobia, the fear of bees and being stung by them (every time she is stung she flies back to start).


  • It is unknown whether Pinky is male, or female, but we think Pinky is probably a female because it seems more like a girl's name.
  • It is odd that Pinky is shown eating vegetables as (so seen in Hungry Hog and Hungry Hog 2) she loses when she eats vegetables.
  • Pinky is the less famous of the three main pig characters, the others are Chef Gazpacho and Wiggles.

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