Polar Plunge Title Page

Polar Plunge Title Page

Polar Plunge is an Arcade game in Webkinz World that came out in 2007 with Cash Cow 2 and replaced Skater Kat. Originally the game had only one course, but in early 2008 it was changed to four. They are Kewl Runnings (easy), Ice Cream Float (medium), Polar Plummet (medium), and Black Diamond (hard). Inukshuk is featured in this game.


The objective of the game is to jump over the obstacles and try to get to the bottom of the mountain. Hitting obstacles will slow you down, but hitting certain ones end the game. You can also collect snowflakes for extra points.


This game has a randomly-awarded Polar Plunge Trophy available. After reaching the end of any of the four courses, the player will cross the finish line and will be greeted with either a message stating "Congratulations! You are a Plunging Pro!" or "You are a Plunging Pro! A surprise has been placed in your dock!" After the latter, the Polar Plunge Trophy is awarded to the player. The odds of winning the trophy are about 1 in 4 on the easy course, about 1 in 3 on the medium courses and currently unknown on the hard course.

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