Polarberry Jam is a game where you control Inukshuk, the Polar Bear, and try to collect all the berries in a level, while avoiding falling into ice or being caught by Yetis. There are 15 levels in all, and after completing all 15 you will earn a trophy. There are two badges to be won through this game.


  • Arrow keys control Inukshuk: Left and right move left and right, up to climb up ladders
  • Space bar will throw snowballs


  • Berry: The object is to collect all of the berries available within a level. Collecting these will earn you points.
  • Snowballs: Inukshuk can only carry one snowball at a time. Once collected, they can be thrown at Yetis to temporarily stun them. Touching them while they are stunned will not damage you.
  • Ice: You can run over the ice once safely. Once run over, cracks will appear on the ice. If Inukshuk or a Yeti runs over the ice when it is cracked, they will fall in for a short amount of time. The ice can freeze over again either over time or after someone falls in. Falling in does not damage you, although you are more vulnerable to yetis.
  • Snow: Found in later levels, snow can be used against Yetis that are below Inukshuk. Running over the snow will cause it to fall onto the next floor, and stunning any Yetis that get crushed. You can run over the snow for as long as it is within the screen.
  • Switch and bucket: Found in later levels, the lever will cause a bucket of snow to fall, hopefully, onto any Yetis walking below it. Inukshuk can be stunned from this if he is in the path of the snow, so be cautious when using the lever.



After completing the last level (level 15) of the game, a trophy featuring Inukshuk holding a berry up in the air will be rewarded. This trophy can be received only once per account and cannot be sent or traded.


There are two badges to win from Polarberry Jam

  • Jam Master Badge: Awarded by using less than 8 snowballs throughout the entire game
  • Jam Lightening Badge: Awarded by finishing the game quickly, although the exact time is unknown.


  • The polar bear, Inukshuk, was also featured in the game Polar Plunge.
  • There is a mobile port of the game available on the Apple store. It is not yet available on Google Play.
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