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The Pom Pom Kitty is a Webkinz pet that was released in May 2010. Its pet specific food is the Pomegranate Punch and it pet special items are the Spirit Squad Uniform and the Pom Pom Shoes. The Pom Pom Kitty was Pet of the Month for February 2012, doesn't have a Lil'Kinz, and it isn't retired.


The Pom Pom Kitty has a pink chest, muzzle, blaze and paws. It has a short purple fur on its head, back and base of its tail. It has a pink fluffy tuft of fur at the end of its tail. It has blue eyes and long whiskers.


The Pom Pom Kitty is a fuzzy ball of pink purrrfection! This lovable cat is fun and always ready for an exciting time. You can often find this puff ball bouncing around Webkinz world wearing a Spirit Squad Uniform and sipping on fruity Pomegranate Punch.