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The Pretty Kitty is a regular Webkinz pet that was released in April 2013. Its pet specific food is the Fishy Finger Cakes and its pet specific item is the Ribbon Tutu Dress.


"There's no cat that's more delicately delightful than the Pretty Kitty! This finicky feline wants to be a beautiful ballerina, so they'll always feel most comfortable dressed up in their Ribbon Tutu Dress! The Pretty Kitty also likes to keep their claws clean, so serve them some Fishy Finger Cakes at snack time and there will never be any mess to clean up afterward!"


The Pretty Kitty is covered in white, fluffy fur with pink ear insides, stitched-on light pink eyebrows and a stitched light pink nose. It has a head bow made of a green ribbon and a pink-and-white dotted ribbon. Its tail is made up of many long ribbons, using the same ones for its head bow as well as solid color ones in orange and blue and another spotted ribbon but in green. The virtual pet appears smooth compared to the plush pet's fluffy texture.


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