Some items from W-Shop are Priceless. These are always Exclusive items, and Pet of the Month Items.

These exclusive items include:

Apple Pie Bed

Artist's Palette

Bed of Roses

Big Top Circus Bed

Bookworm Bed

Butterfly Dreams Bed

Daredevil Bed

Explorer Adventures Bed

Fantasy Coach Bed

Flower Power Bed

King of the Castle Bed

Lunar Moon Bed

Monster (Under The) Bed

Musical Muestro Bed

Night at the Movies Bed

Princess and the Pea Bed

Railway Dreams Bed

Sleeping Dragon Bed

Stardust Cloud Bed

Stardust Dreams Bed

Sugary Sweet Dreams Bed

Theater Stage Bed

Treehouse Hut Bed

4-Wheel ATV


Amethyst Geode

Antique Fashion Mirror

Antique Lamp Post

Back Country Outhouse

Bumper Car

Circle of Friends Tropiary

Cukoo Cat Clock

Danceing Zingoz

Desert Window

Dex Dangorous Space Fighter

Disco Ball

Elephant Fountain

Farm Tractor

Gas Pump

Gemstone Table

Giant Feather Chair

Giant Gift Box

Giant Sandwich Table

Haunted Painting

Jellybean Tree

Magic Carpet

Moon Rover

Prismatic Chair

Propeller Plane

Rainbow Coffee Table

Rainy Day Window

Ribbons and Bows Tree

Rockin' Robot Digital Clock

Running Shoe Racer

School House Desk

Seaside Palace Castle

Sparkle Plant

Strike-a-Posing Plant

Time Warp Clock

Twister in a Pot

Vortex Storage Unit

Wading Pool

Webkinz Day Countdown

Webkinz Theme Music Box

Webkinz W Pond

Webkinz Wishing Well

Wooden Grandfather Clock

YangYin Blossom

Zingoz Bubble Blower

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