Propeller Plane
Propeller plane
Basic Info
Item: Propeller Plane
Cost: KinzCash icon Priceless
Location: W-Shop Exclusives
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The Propeller Plane is one of the exclusive items from W-Shop your pet can ride in your Webkinz house. The Propeller Plane is red and includes a grey propeller. This exclusive item didn't retire yet. There was a blue plane seen in one of the backgrounds of My Page. It is unknown if it would be an exclusive, will be seen in Webkinz World or will replace the Propeller Plane. Also, in Webkinz Extravaganza 2008, pigs were flying Propeller Planes for the weekend. If you clicked on one, you would've got Jellybeans. Pigs haven't been seen on Propeller Planes after 2008, strangely that there was another Webkinz Extravaganza in 2009.


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