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The Purple Monster is a Webkinz virtual pet that was released in October 2008. It does not have a Lil'Kinz, it hasn't been Pet of the Month, and it isn't retired. Its pet specific food is the Monster Mash Eye Scream and its pet specific item is the Fuzzy Creature Couch.


It's purple and striped with some orange and red - but it definitely does NOT live under your bed! This monster doesn't have time to hide; it's too busy playing in Webkinz World and visiting its favorite haunts. Wherever you go, your Purple Monster is happy to tag along. With this furry friend, you'll have a monster of a good time!


The Purple Monster is purple with horns, orange and red striped feet and green eyebrows and tails. A purple monster has purple striped fur. It has dark purple horns and a big toothy grin. It has a green tail and green eyebrows. It has blue eyes and red and orange striped feet.


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