Purple Springtime Chick
Purple Springtime Chick
Basic info
Pet: Purple Springtime Chick
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: No
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The Purple Springtime Chick is a Webkinz pet that does not have a Lil'Kinz. It also has never been Pet of the Month. The Purple Springtime Chick came out April 2010. This little chick is also a Seasonal Virtual only pet for 10,000 Estore Points. Its special food is the Purple Candy Corn Feed and its special item is the Easter Egg Chair.


Spring into the season of flowers and showers with the sunny Springtime Chicks. Few pets in Webkinz World are cuter than the Springtime Chicks! Whether you choose a purple chick, a blue chick, a yellow chick, or all three, you're sure to find the perfect pet (or pets) to start off the spring season with!


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