There are so many Recipes in Webkinz World including Gunk! Some Recipes aren't solved yet as many are. Chef Gazpacho, Momma Gazpacho, and Sophia Souffle make all recipes.

(from Newspaper)

You’ve probably noticed that they have added LOTS of new food to the W-Shop lately, and with new food comes new recipes! The thing about the new recipes is that they’re very, very, very secret. So secret, in fact, that they are not even going to tell you their names. There are secret recipes for the blender, stove, and sandwich maker, so visit the W-Shop, pick up some tasty treats and get cooking!

You will find Secret Stove, Sandwich Maker, and Blender recipes on Webkinz Recipes, Pet of the Month, Clothing and More. Each recipe includes the ingredients, cost to make and it's picture.

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