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The Red Squirrel is a Webkinz pet that was released in July 2010. It was Pet of the Month for November 2012, it retired in September 2013, and it doesn't have a Lil'Kinz. Its pet specific food is the Peppermint Pinecone and its pet specific item is the Carefully Carved Lamppost.


The Red Squirrel is red fur on its back, head and legs. It has fluffy brown fur on the tip of its ears and its tail. It has cream coloured fur on its belly and paws. It has long whiskers and a white muzzle.


This is one pet who knows its way around the woods! The Red Squirrel is a curious little critter who can befriend the whole neighbourhood with the drop of a nut. With its rustic red tail, the Red Squirrel enjoys admiring its Carefully Carved Lamppost while crunching on Peppermint Pinecones.

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