Retirement Ads.

There are lots of Retired things in Webkinz World. When things in Webkinz World start to get old or "outdated", Ganz decides to retire them. With that being said, players are still able to find the retired exclusives at the Curio Shop. A few themes from the W-Shop are retired as well. There are also some retired games from the arcade that you can't play anymore. Not to mention that there are some pets that are retired and aren't sold anymore in stores or the Ganz eStore. However, people can still purchase some retired pets on sites like Amazon or eBay.

(from the Newspaper)

Webkinz World is over a year old, so we decided it was time to retire some of our older items from the W-Shop. Out with the old and in with the new items! Not to worry, though, because occasionally you will still be able to find the retired items in the Curio Shop!

We’ve been so impressed with the number of trophies everyone has won from Wacky Zingoz! Because we have given out thousands of trophies, we decided that it was time to retire the Wacky Zingoz trophy…for now! You never know when it might return…

Lots of people have been wondering about the Cheeky Dog and Cheeky Cat. The rumors are true: these two Webkinz pets have been retired. When a pet is retired, that means that we’re not making any more of them. If you can find a Cheeky Dog or Cat in the store, it can be adopted. If you’ve already adopted a Cheeky Dog or Cat, you can continue to play with it. If you want to adopt one of these cool critters, visit your local gift shop soon; it won’t be long before they’ll be gone!

Taken from the official newspaper.

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