Rockerz Cat
Rockerz Cat
Basic info
Pet: Rockerz Cat
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: No
Item number

The Rockerz Cat is a Webkinz pet that doesn't have a Lil'Kinz, isn't retired, and hasn't been the Pet of the Month. It was released in June 2012. Its pet specific item is the Dressing Room Vanity and its pet specific food is the Funky Fish Sticks.


The Webkinz Rockerz Cat is one funky feline that loves to perform! Also a particular perfectionist, make sure you give them plenty of time in front of their Dressing Room Vanity before each show, and don't forget to serve up a plate of Funky Fish Sticks to keep them purring along!


The Rockerz Cat has hot pink fur with black zebra stripes, a white muzzle, black beady eyes, whiskers, and claws, a black nose and bow, a black and white checkered tie, purple eyeshadow, and a hot pink, black, and white tattoo that says "Punk Princess".

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