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The Rockerz Cow or Peace Love Moosic Cow is a Webkinz Rockerz pet that was released in June 2012. It doesn't have a Lil'Kinz, it isn't retired, and it was Pet of the Month for September 2016. Its pet specific item is the Groovy Solo Stage and its pet specific food is the Flower Powdered Sugar Cookies.

Like the other Rockerz pets, the Rockerz Cow comes with two backstage passes and an outfit. The outfit for this pet consists of the Rockerz Braided Headband, the Rockerz Flower Power Dress, and the Rockerz Flower Power Sandals.


The Webkinz Rockerz Cow is one divine bovine that loves to move and groove to a rockin' beat! This udderly-awesome rock star can try out their latest vocals on the Groovy Solo Stage! But make sure you stock up this superstar's dressing room with lots of their favorite snack, some Flower Powdered Sugar Cookies!


The Rockerz Cow is white with purple hooves and eyelids that make it look like its eyes are half-closed. Its ears and back spots are made of a blue psychedelic/floral print. It has a large pink flower on the side of its head. Written in large green, pink and yellow letters on its side are the words "Peace, Love, Moosic" in a swirly font.



  • This pet is likely inspired by the psychedelic rock and hippie movements of the mid-60s, as the Rockerz Cow has psychedelic print as part of its plush design and has the term "Flower Power" in many of its pet specific items, which was coined during this movement by hippies.
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