Rockerz Lion
Rockerz Lion
Basic info
Pet: Rockerz Lion
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: No
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The Rockerz Lion was released in June 2012. It was Pet of the Month for January 2016. Its pet specific item is the Shock Rock Stage Flare and its pet specific food is the Heavy Metal Meatballs.


The Rockerz Lion is yellow. Its mane is purple and has a black stripe from its snout to the back of its mane. The Rockerz Lion has a black and purple band on its front leg. It has black claws. ts tattoo says Rock n' Roll.


The Webkinz Rockerz Lion always sets the stage for a great performance with their roaring vocals! Nothing helps to amp up their show like the perfect pyro provided by their Shock Rock Flare! Keep the growl in their voice and away from their stomach by serving up their favorite meal, some Heavy Metal Meatballs!

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