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The Rockerz Raccoon is a Webkinz Rockerz pet that was released in December 2012. It doesn't have a Lil'Kinz, it isn't retired, and hasn't been Pet of the Month. Its pet specific food is the Purple Velvet Glam Cakes and its pet specific item is the Pyro Performance Stage.

Like the other Rockerz pets, the Rockerz Raccoon comes with two backstage passes and an outfit. The outfit for this pet consists of the Glam Rock Face Sticker, the Glam Rock Jumpsuit, and the Glam Rock Platform Boots.


You’ll want to rock all night with the Webkinz Rockerz Raccoon! This gorgeous glam critter loves to put on a show that will blow your mind from their Pyro Performance Stage! Just make sure you stock up their dressing room with lots of Purple Velvet Glam Cakes to keep them from storming off stage!


The Rockerz raccoon is gray and has a black and purple ringed fluffy tail. It has a black and pink mohawk, and its paws are light pink. The patch on its side is black and hot pink and says "Glam Rock". It has a silver ear ring in one ear.



  • This pet is based off of glam rock, which was very popular in the 70's and incorporated very glamorous costumes and makeup into rock music.

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