Roller Pig
Basic Info
Item: Roller Pig
Cost: KinzCash icon $.¢¢
Location: Webkinz-selling stores
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The Roller Pig is the Figurine of the Pig. It is a Pig wearing a yellow shirt and beige pants. It has a helmet on its head and Roller Skates on its shoes (hence the name Roller Pig). If you buy the Roller Pig and enter its secret code into the Code Shop, you will get a rare item, the Skater Pig Poster!


  • The Pig in Roller Pig is a living safety hazard. He is wearing his helmet with his ears sticking out of the top which leads to bad helmets and ear-injuries.
  • His design is different on the figure than it is on the poster.
  • The clothing the Pig is waring isn't in the W-Shop.


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