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(Updated: 12/24/2021)

Fandom Policy

Of course, it is encouraged that users follow Fandom's policies.

Webkinz Wiki Policy

Code of Conduct

  1. Swearing: Please refrain from using swear words on the wiki at all, whether it's in articles, blog posts, or otherwise.
  2. Username: Please do not include explicit, offensive, or generally rude content in your username.
  3. Vandalism: Vandalism is strictly prohibited. Depending on the severity of the vandalism, a ban will be issued to the vandal.
  4. Respect: Most of all, be respectful towards other editors. Do not bully, harass, or insult others. Additionally, please do not block off communication. Communication is key for a wiki, so please allow each other to talk.

Privacy Policy

Webkinz Wiki's Privacy Policy can be found here.

Signature Policy

Your signature should link to your profile and no other page.

More details on editing pages can be found on the Webkinz Wiki:Projects Revival page.

General Rules

  1. Topic: Keep to the topic of Webkinz. Please do not upload unrelated files (unless it's for a profile picture or the like) or write unrelated articles. Keep all off-topic conversation within blog posts.
  2. References: It is ideal to include references on article pages, so please source your information when editing. Also, use official sources and files and avoid uploading personally taken photos or videos. More details are under "Files" below.
  3. Bias: Keep all information accurate and factual and do not post speculation or opinions onto articles.
  4. Duplicates: Make sure you're not posting a duplicate file or article before creating or uploading one.
  5. Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation: Make sure to write articles with proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The spelling of a word relating to Webkinz should follow how either the game, Webkinz Newz, and/or a physical item released by Webkinz spells it.


  • Pet Pages: Regular pet pages are to include a completed Pet Box, an intro, the official description, a gallery for images related to the pet, and navboxes befitting the pet. Lil' Kinz pet pages should have the same information but with a Lil Box (2.0).
    • Example Pages: Aries Ram, Lil'Kinz Budgie.
    • Pet images for infoboxes are currently recommended to be .png files, sized 300x180px (or simply a 5:3 aspect ratio), and to include a transparent background. More details are given under "Files" below.
  • Item Pages: Item pages are to include either an Template:Item Infobox or a Template:EStore Item Infobox, an intro paragraph, the official description, and a navbox if applicable. Details on item images are under "Files" below.
  • Partitioning: There does not need to be a page for every one subject. For example, the Employment Office jobs wouldn't need their own pages, and are able to be easily organized on the Employment Office article.
    • Additionally, this goes for categories as well: for example, there are existing categories to list characters and would not need an article page to list them out too.



  • Importance: Upon articles, be sure to include notable information and keep to the main idea. For example, a pet's page should include the day they were released. However, it would be unnecessary to point out if that pet came out after a certain other pet. While the statement could be true, it wouldn't be noteworthy enough to write.
  • Length: If writing about a large amount of information, such as the background of a character, please summarize it as best you can. Every detail does not need to be included, so please only try to give the basic idea of what you're writing.


  • Names: Please give files short and appropriate names that relate to the content of the files.
  • Organization: When uploading an image, please sort it into one of the subcategories in the Uploaded Files category.
  • Format: Different types of images have different rules, which will be listed below:
    • Virtual Pet Images: a 5:3 aspect ratio, with the entire pet image within the boundaries of the canvas size, as well as having a transparent background. Many pet images can be found through the Kinzapedia on Webkinz Newz, which require a 300x180px canvas size (for the sake of fitting the infobox). For pet images not in the Kinzapedia, it is recommended to find one with an already transparent background or a white background (if not, then any image of the pet at all) to make into a transparent. Canvas size may be increased as needed, but not decreased.
    • Item Images: Same rules apply to item images, except item images must be in a 1:1 aspect ratio, which many Kinzapedia item images already are.
    • Game Images: Must be a screenshot, whether using the screenshot tool in Webkinz World itself, or with a built-in tool from your computer or phone. Personally taken pictures using a camera is not allowed, unless no other versions of that image exists.
    • Webkinz Social Media/Blog Images: Must source what article or post the image originated from on the file's page.
    • Plush Images: Must be of clear quality. Cannot be personally taken.
    • Videos: Unless it cannot be found anywhere else, it must be from an official source.